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Being digitally competitive It has never been more important to than it is today, as the whole world has gone digital.


The consequence? Everyone who hasn't prioritized digitalization are finding themselves even further behind those who have done just that.

Now, if you want to catch up, and become digitally competitive in this "new normal" then you must first find out where you're at.

Take the test today! Find out how digitally competitive you are, and what you can do to become even more competitive.

How digitally competitive
is your business?

A process that works

A well-developed methodology ensures you the best possible starting point for realizing your ambitions on the web

Quickly improve results

Improving your results online isn't necessarily all that complicated. In many cases, minor adjustments are all that's needed.

Minimize risk

Having access to the right knowledge, skills, and experience to guide you underway, is worth it's weight in gold.

Leif Terje Skjæveland, CMO

At first I was a bit skeptical, but when the new website was finished, and it turned out as well as it did, the reason for that was quite obvious. It was due to the meticulous process Sture led us through - both before, during and afterwards.

Jo André Fiksdal, CEO

Sture Edvardsen wants his clients to succeed, and it comes through in the way he works. A good overview, combined with extensive knowledge and substantial experience, enables him to deliver high quality work that's targeted and that works.

Frank Skogli, CMO

I did'nt think it was possible to achieve a 1000% ROI from a marketing initiative. Now I know it actually is possible, because that's what Sture did. The changes he made to our websites made sure of that.