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Frank Skogli
CMO, Hydex AS

"As a CMO, my focus is always on getting the most out of money spent. That's why it is important with partners who, based on a clear philosophy, methodology and results, dare challenge us. No one has ever dared challenge us on our business goals, and our communication in the various channels available to us, as Sture.

I didn't think a 1000% ROI from a marketing effort was even possible. Sture has, however, showed us that this actually is possible. The improvements he made to our websites made sure of that. Having access to an external resource that is both highly professional, that follows a clear, proven, methodology, and that understands us, our business, and our challenges, has been worth its weight in gold for us. Literally!"

Kjell Odding

"Sture is very creative and knowledgeable, and thus able to adapt to customers' needs at the same time as he understands the customers' actual needs (which they may not even be aware of themselves). He communicates well, and he's very good at making people acknowledge their needs. For anyone wanting to start a business, evaluate their business, or develop their business, I can strongly recommend Sture Edvardsen"

Roald Brekkhus

"When Sture coached me, working on our business plan, It constantly felt like I was up for exams. However, the business plan turned out very well. So well, in fact, that one of the professors at BI, Drammen, wanted to use it in the school's  master program. Which, of course, he could."

Jo André Fiksdal

"Sture Edvardsen wants the very best for his clients and this characterizes the way he works. His ability to see the big picture, combined with extensive knowledge and substantial experience, enables him to deliver high quality work that's targeted, long term, and that works. He's also persistent, he doesn't stop until the goal is reached. Our collaboration with Sture has provided us with access to a valuable resource, and it has also resulted in six-figure savings for our company."

Jo Andre Fiksdal NEW resized.jpg
Leif Terje Skjæveland
CMO, Consis AS

"I was a little skeptical at first, but when the new site was finished, and it turned out as well as it did, the reason for that was quite obvious. It was due to the thorough process Sture led us through - both before, during and after."

Anders Rennesund
Manager, Atento AS

​"Sture Edvardsen has given us a new perspective on ourselves. Or rather on our customers and what we should actually do for them - help them reach their goals. For our part, it's been about defining our core competence and presenting it to those who need it. By communicating in different ways, we can help existing and potential customers where they are right now, regardles of how far they've come in their own process. This allows us to show the full picture in our web communication."

Mette Eriksson
CEO, Eurocosmetic AS

"Empathy, integrity, and a unique ability to quickly understand our business challenges, combined with an educational way of communicating, are just some of the positive qualities Sture Edvardsen possesses - and which makes it a great pleasure to work with him. In addition, his broad expertise in business planning, strategic marketing, and the web as a key component of our marketing communications, has brought our business a major step forward. We're now closing about 80% of our consultations."

Stein Hval
CEO, Training Partners International

"Sture Edvardsen is very knowledgeable. He also possesses the ability to make things both simple and efficient. Our revenue has increased dramatically during our collaboration with Sture Edvardsen."

Stein Hval 3.jpg
Rune Lied
CEO, Leads AS

"How I looked at my business before I started working with Sture and after can hardly be compared - it's like night and day! From day one, Sture has opened up new perspectives and highlighted alternative ways of thinking - all the while focusing on how I can build my business faster, more efficiently and with better results! The expertise Sture possesses is unique, and will enable me to create significantly better results - far faster, than I would otherwise have done! I would therefore recommend anyone who seriously wants better results in their business to have a chat with Sture! I really mean that!"

Marcus Dahlgren
CEO, C-Coffee

Sture has been an incredibly valuable and competent consultant and coach for our business, especially in working with our strategy! His extensive experience and expertise have been instrumental in allowing us to focus on the right areas, resulting in an impressive doubling of our revenue and profit. His insightful advice has also enabled an expansion strategy that we previously didn't even think was possible!

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