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🚀 Mastering the Digital Mindset: Elevate Your Business in the New Digital Normal 🚀

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Succeeding online in the new digital normal isn’t so much about the latest digital tactics as it is about mastering the basics.

Because while tactics constantly change, there should be a strategic core standing firm and guiding what tactics to use where, when, and how.

And an important element of that core is the business owner's or CEO's (your), digital mindset.

Harvard business review defines a digital mindset as:

"A set of attitudes and behaviours that enable people and organizations to see how data, algorithms, and AI open up new possibilities and to chart a path for success in a business landscape increasingly dominated by data-intensive and intelligent technologies."

That can be a tall order for many business owners and CEOs – especially if digital technology hasn’t been a part of their professional journey.

There is, however, a basic component of the digital mindset which is a great place to start – regardless of where you are with regard to digital technology.

That is your mindset with regard to your online presence.

Now, in order to explain what that is, and how it relates to you and your business, let’s do a couple of exercises.

Exercise 1:

Can we agree that the company's online presence – websites, landing pages, social media, sales funnels, etc., should:

  • Present your company in a positive way?

  • Welcome and engage customers and prospects?

  • Deliver what customers want quickly and efficiently?

  • Actively contribute to your revenue and profits?

We can? Great!

However, that agreement comes with a price.

Because since this is what all branch offices are supposed to do, by definition we also agree that the company's online presence actually are branch offices of the company.

The fact that these branch offices are virtual doesn’t change anything.

Because that’s more of an advantage and an opportunity since the virtual branch offices are open for business 24/7/365 – which most physical branch offices aren’t.

Hmmmm … …

Exercise 2:

Now, think about the meticulous process you would go through if you were opening a new physical branch office. Market research, location scouting, staff selection, logistics, IT infrastructure, and a solid business case would all be essential considerations.

Then think about the process you’ve gone through with opening your current virtual branch offices.

I’d bet it was a completely different process, perhaps even a process that you weren’t a part of at all. And most importantly, perhaps a process that didn't even present a solid business case?

Now, answer this question:

Are there any reasons why physical and virtual branch offices should be treated differently?

Then answer this question:

How long would you tolerate a physical branch office operating at a loss?

By now, you can probably figure out the next question:

Are there any reasons why you should expect less from your virtual branch offices?

And there’s an interesting follow-up to that question because I’d expect you to know exactly how your physical branch offices – or departments (if you don’t have any branch offices), are doing:

Do you actually know how well your virtual branch offices are doing?

Because ultimately, by common business sense a dollar spent by the company should at least bring a dollar in return – preferably in the company of friends (more dollars), and if not, the dollar shouldn’t be spent in the first place.

And if that’s important for the physical branch offices:

Are there any reasons why it shouldn’t be equally important for the virtual branch offices?

Hmmmm … …

The point here is that digital technology and the internet are – and have always been, about strategy – about business development.

And that is ultimately the business owners or the CEO’s (your) responsibility.

Now, since the pandemic forever changed how we do business – forcing the whole world online, your online presence has become a critical part of doing business.

So, if you haven’t already, it's time to create a powerful digital strategy, prioritize business development with digital technology as an integrated part of that process and include virtual branch offices in your status reports.

If you're a business owner or CEO seeking guidance to propel your business forward in the digital realm, I'm here to help. Message me today to discuss how we can work together to create a powerful digital strategy for your business.

Let's seize the digital opportunity and drive your success in the new digital normal! 💪🌐


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